In our home we do Love,

we do Mistakes,

we do Grace,

we do Loud REALLY WELL,

we do Forgiveness,

we work on Patiences,

and we do FAMILY.

But most importatly we love JESUS

and the Sweet Blessings he has sent our way.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Gotta lot of catchin' up to do

This is how our March ended.I have never taken a picture of my EPT test but I was in a bit of shock. Not the bad kind of shock just the "oh ok" kind of shock. Derek and I had just decided to plan a spring `13 Disney trip with the we would wait awhile and think about baby 3. If in fact there was going to be a baby 3. I look back and laugh at the fact that we thought we could control God's plan for our family. We never had the control...and well God used this to prove it to us.
The next morning Isabella had her preschool Easter Egg hunt

Two days after I found out I was expecting my Dad, the girls, and I headed to TN to visit my brother and his family. We don't get to see each other often so it was an exciting and fun trip.The kids had a great time just being around each other. I couldn't have asked for a better trip.
Plus I got to share my excited news face to face!

We got to see Owen run his first 1 mile Fun Run. He flew...second place. I don't know who was more excited Dad, Chad, Laurie , and me or the O Man.

A couple of days after we got home we heard the sweetest sound... Baby P3's heart beat
6wks 4days: November 28th

The Easter Bunny stopped by!
The girls in their Easter Dreses.
Isabella's love since August has been Gymnaustics. She got a new leotard w/ her gym's name on it. She was so Proud!
This is what Isabella thought was appropriate to wear to the grocery store. Its the new style around our house.

Phia has learned how to swing in the big girl swing.
Enjoying the beautiful weather.

We took a trip down to Williamsburg for Mother's Day. This was the girls first trip. They loved all the horses, the fife and drum band, and the gardens. After a fun day there we drove to Petersburg to eat at's a family tradition and it was YUMMY!
This was taken in May...13wks. My bump is a little bigger now.


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